Business Plan For Construction – Managing Multiple Projects

When writing your construction company’s business plan, describe what systems you will have in place to potentially manage multiple projects at the same time. Certainly, you don’t want a situation where you have a great number of employees and pieces of equipment sitting idle between projects. However, you would like to not lose business as it comes along. You should have the capacity to at least start the planning for a new project while another one is already underway.Sharing ResourcesWith only one project being worked on, the issue of sharing resources doesn’t exist. But once a second project begins, you will need a system to track how your resources are being shared between both projects in order to reduce your overall costs, and continue to work to the time constraints of the projects. A software project management or resources scheduling system is highly recommended, as it is easiest to share information between multiple managers and your staff.These resources include your managers, your crew’s labor, equipment and tools, and even subcontractors. If multiple projects start to move forward, it may be necessary to devote a full-time project manager to each. This person can look out for the interests of their project and give it the attention that the client will demand. This demands that you have staff with the management skill needed in the first place.Your crew must be assigned to work in a way that keeps them busy, but not too busy (avoiding overtime and the extra costs and diminished returns it creates as much as possible). If planned well, crew will move between a segment of work on one project to a segment of work on another just as subcontractors start a piece of work on the first.Equipment which you own in limited quantities, which should be true of most significant tools and machines, must be moved between projects and your storage and scheduled carefully to avoid holding up any of them. Key subcontractors who are needed on multiple projects must also be scheduled as if they were your crew, although you lack very much direct control over the schedules they keep.